To improve the world’s relationship health so that people can live longer, happier and more fulfilling lives

Why’s relationship health so important?

Relationship satisfaction has been scientifically shown to be the single biggest predictor of happiness. Simply put, good relationships keep us both happier and healthier. And yet, most of us are still winging it when it comes to love.

What many of us haven’t been taught is that the ability to build quality relationships is a skill. In other words - it can be learnt.

Using evidence-based cognitive psychology, we help people identify - and then work through - their “love traps” (self-limiting beliefs and behaviours), empowering them to navigate dating and relationships from a much healthier place.

From this space, we get to cultivate connections that leave us feeling happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

Meet the team

Jessy Wrigley

Since starting her career at Headspace, Jessy has spent the last 10+ years in Health Tech creating content experiences from the ground-up. She has worked for a number of different health and psychology-led brands, creating and narrating in-app content. Her focus has always been guided by a passion to decipher the world of health in real, human terms.

Will Jones

After a career working in various product roles and Health Tech companies, Will joined up with Jessy to co-found hono. And given his own past relationship difficulties, he truly believes in the vision of helping as many people as possible with their relationship health. His passion lies in creating digital health products that positively impact people’s lives.

Dr Elena Touroni
Advisor & Consulting Psychologist

Dr Touroni is an experienced Consultant Psychologist who specialises in relationship difficulties. Dr Touroni has held a variety of clinical and managerial positions, including Head of Service in the NHS. She is also co-founder of The Chelsea Psychology Clinic, one of London’s leading private psychology and psychiatry clinics.

Johanna McWeeney
Lead Content Writer

Johanna McWeeney is a writer specialising in health, wellbeing and happiness. Trained at the London School of Journalism, she is skilled in research and conveying complex scientific information in a relatable way. She has authored a book on perfectionism, and written for brands including YogiLab and Oxygen Advantage®. She's also a certified breathwork coach.

What you get from our Relationship Report

Deep relationship insights - uncover hidden patterns shaping your connections, rooted in evidence-based therapy.

Personalised guidance - get tailored strategies to improve communication, understand behaviours and fulfil emotional needs, all backed by research.

Actionable steps for growth - gain practical advice and steps to reshape relationship patterns and build a more satisfying love life.

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