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Feeling stuck, anxious or doubtful? We’ve all been there, tangled in the maze of emotions, questions and uncertainties. Relationships can be complex. We’re here to help you find clarity and build healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Here's how it works.

Build self-awareness

Start with our Relationship Assessment to get a clear picture of how past experiences might be influencing your current dating and relationship dynamics. It’s designed for everyone - whether you’re flying currently solo or partnered.

Decode your relationship patterns

Dive deep into the heart of your relationship patterns with our detailed Relationship Report. Learn why certain triggers elicit strong emotions and why the same patterns seem to recur.

Rewrite your relationship story

This report is more than an analysis - it’s a catalyst for change. It’s your opportunity, single or coupled, to challenge the old patterns that no longer serve you, offering a blueprint for a more satisfying and fulfilling love life.

Rewire your brain

Neuroscience tells us that the brain is “plastic”. This means it can continue to reorganise itself indefinitely. With your newfound awareness comes the power to choose differently. As you break free from limiting patterns, you’re not only building new neural pathways but also building a new, healthier narrative for your relationships.

What are schemas?

Ever felt a familiar pang of anxiety, or a repeating pattern in relationships? That’s often a schema at play. Our past, especially our early attachments and experiences, can shape how we approach and respond in relationships.

Throughout our lives, we unconsciously form “schemas” - deeply ingrained beliefs and patterns about ourselves, others and the world around us. These schemas can act like hidden directors, guiding or misguiding our emotions, reactions, and choices in relationships.

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