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You know how they say, "It's complicated"? Well, when it comes to relationships, that can be quite the understatement. But what if you could simplify the complexities and actually understand the dynamics between you and your partner?

Enter our Relationship Report – a tool that's not just about fun quizzes but a personalised deep dive into the psychology that's driving your relationships.

Compatibility tests in a relationship - how can they help? 

Ever wondered why your past relationships didn’t work out or why certain patterns keep repeating in your love life? Our Relationship Report begins with a comprehensive assessment designed to unravel just that. Whether you're single, dating, or deeply committed, understanding how your past shapes your present is essential for a healthy, fulfilling love life.

For anyone who’s ever felt lost in the maze of their relationships, think of this as your personal GPS. Starting with this test, you’ll begin to see how your - and your partner’s - behaviours and emotional responses are influenced by deeper underlying patterns.

What’s psychology got to do with it? Understanding schemas and their role in relationships

Have you ever wondered why the same issues keep cropping up in your relationships, no matter who you're with? Or why certain habits or reactions from your partner instantly put you on edge? The answers might lie deeper than you think - in the schemas that underpin our thoughts and actions.

Schema therapy, developed by psychologist Jeffrey Young, is a branch of evidence-based cognitive therapy that focuses on identifying and reshaping these deeply ingrained patterns or schemas. Schemas typically develop during our formative years as a way for us to understand and predict the world. They are essentially “life filters” - deeply held beliefs and feelings about ourselves, others, and the world around us that influence how we think, feel, and behave in various situations.

When these schemas are unhelpful or maladaptive, they can sabotage our relationships in various ways. For example, someone with an "Abandonment" schema might feel an intense fear that their partner will leave them, even without any rational basis for this fear. This can lead to clingy or possessive behaviour, which can push their partner away - ironically, making their fear of abandonment a self-fulfilling prophecy. Others might adopt an avoidant approach, distancing themselves from their partner to pre-emptively avoid the pain of potential abandonment. This avoidant behaviour can also lead to the deterioration of the relationship, as it prevents the development of intimacy and trust that are critical for a healthy partnership.

Or consider the "Defectiveness" schema, where a person believes they are fundamentally flawed and unworthy of love. This belief might make them hypersensitive to criticism or rejection, interpreting even minor comments or actions from their partner as proof of their unworthiness. In response to this perceived criticism, individuals with a defectiveness schema may withdraw emotionally, become defensive, or even engage in self-sabotaging behaviour to end the relationship prematurely, believing it was doomed from the start. This defensive or destructive behaviour can alienate their partners, leading to a breakdown in communication and, eventually, the end of the relationship - thus confirming their original belief in their own defectiveness and unworthiness.

How our psychological compatibility test for couples can help

By identifying and understanding your own schemas - as well as your partner’s - you can begin to see how they shape your interactions and reactions. This insight allows couples to break free from the cycle of misunderstanding and conflict driven by these hidden influences. For instance, recognising an "Abandonment" schema can help someone understand why they react so strongly to a partner’s casual remark about spending time apart, allowing them to respond more constructively.

The Relationship Report generated from our compatibility tests dives deep into these schemas, offering you and your partner a detailed map of the emotional and psychological terrains that shape your bond. Understanding this can transform the way you relate to each other, moving from conflict and confusion to empathy and closeness.

By decoding these patterns together, you both can navigate through any difficulties you face with much more ease. This understanding can defuse conflicts before they ignite, making your relationship smoother and more resilient.

Rewire your brain

Leveraging the power of neuroplasticity, the next step in our journey involves reshaping how your brain perceives and reacts to relationship stresses. Armed with new insights from the compatibility test, you'll learn to break free from destructive habits and forge healthier, happier relationship pathways. It’s like reprogramming your mental map so that you and your partner can build a road to mutual satisfaction and long-term happiness.

The insights from our compatibility test will guide you in forming new, positive interaction patterns. Over time, these practices can transform your relationship landscape, much like how working out strengthens and transforms the body.

What you'll get in the report

Dive into the depths of your relationship with our detailed Relationship Report. Here’s what you’ll discover:

Overview of your schemas and strengths - learn about the psychological schemas that drive your reactions and relationships. Understanding these can explain a lot about why you react the way you do in certain situations.

Full relationship analysis - discover how your and your partner's deepest emotional patterns interact. This detailed analysis will help illuminate potential stress points and provide insights into how these patterns shape your relationship dynamics.

Understand your partner better - unlock the secrets behind your partner’s behaviours. Learning about their core schemas offers a deeper insight into their actions, enhancing connection and empathy.

Areas to work on - identify key areas where you can improve and strengthen your relationship. The report provides actionable steps that you can start implementing today.

Doing the test alone or together

Whether you’re in a relationship or flying solo, our Relationship Report is designed to be flexible. You can dive into this exploration on your own to better understand your own relational dynamics, or do it alongside your partner to mutually enhance your journey together. Even if you opt to go it alone initially, the insights you gain will inevitably benefit your current or future relationships.

So, why not take the plunge? Actively choosing and nurturing your relationships through tools like our Relationship Report might just be one of the most meaningful decisions you make - for a longer, happier, and healthier life together. Remember, it's not just about finding out whether you're compatible. It's about growing together in ways that matter.

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